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Carefully curated pieces that were just too bada$$ to alter! Scouring through racks and preparing these hunnies a new home is our therapy beware: once these pieces are sold they’ll be gone forever.

Taking clothes that were destined to the landfill and creating whole new pieces, is what we do. Altering, modifying and breathing new life in clothes to maximize their longevity, that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, bringing back self-expression through our clothes is our passion.

If you’re on stage to stand out we got you, Stage wear and costumes custom are made for just you and your needs. Trust the process darling We’re here to make those ideas a reality. Send us a message, let us know your needs and wants.

We’ll set a free video consultation and have a good chat.

Our origin story starts like so many others, just two youngins watching toxic 2000s movies falling in love with the world known as fashion.

But the more we learned about this industry the scarier it was. It’s a multi-dimensional creature, that’s constantly evolving. Sometimes for the better but, much more often for the worse.